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Dear AWARD®  user

The current Coronavirus / COVID-19 Pandemic affects all of us. At Commerce Decisions, as an ISO 27001:2013 certified organisation, we have conducted significant resilience planning over many years, and we’re confident that the AWARD service will continue to run without interruption throughout any period of disruption. Clearly, with a reduced ability to travel and the potential for significant staff illness / absence, there is a greater risk than usual of interruption to service, but we will do all we can to continue supporting our customers across the world. So what’s in place to protect the service?

  • AWARD runs from secure datacentres in the UK. These are highly resilient services, certified to ISO 27001:2013 standards.
  • Our services operate a ‘fail-over’ which means that should the main, live service fail for any reason, the service will continue to operate with very limited interruption from an alternative, secure location.
  • Our hosted services and all customer / project data are backed up, securely, every day. This means that in the event of a catastrophic failure of our live and fail-over services, only limited data would be lost.
  • The administration of AWARD and our hosted services can be conducted remotely, from a restricted range of known IP addresses, as well as from our UK offices. This means that our key staff can work remotely and continue to support the service and intervene should there be any issues. This includes the ability to apply critical security patches, should that be required.
  • Our support team are able to work from home – we have tested this process and it works effectively. Please do be patient, as our ability to route and respond to multiple incoming calls could be somewhat limited. Please consider emailing so that the most appropriate person can respond.
  • We also have a robust Business Continuity Plan, ensuring we respond to any incident or loss of key personnel in a suitable manner. In addition to our system administrators and support staff, we have a team of highly skilled consultants who are also able to support the use of AWARD.

While we are working under unprecedented circumstances, we would be grateful if you could raise support requests via email rather than by telephone where possible. While our phone lines remain open and we will happily respond to requests for support, we are able to better prioritise email requests.